Why User Interface (UI) And User Experience (UX) Are Important In Web Design

When you think of customer experience, what pops into your mind? For many of us, it’s the service you receive when you purchase a product or service, or interact with an individual representing a company. Indeed, this does form part of the overall customer experience received – only now, the begins much earlier.

Consumers everywhere now check the internet for information before they visit, enquire or make purchasing decisions. If businesses are to ensure they have sufficient competitive advantage to satisfy the consumer’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge as soon as this initial contact is sought and impressions made, they can successfully move on to the next stage of decision making with them and stand a considerably higher chance of making an end sale; or at the very least of making a positive enough impression that they are approached again in the future.

The perceived immediacy of information requests means that websites now need to be optimised as much as possible to deliver everything the consumer wants as quick as possible. In web design, this is largely down to two pieces of work in the backend of a website: the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

What is User Interface (UI)?

UI refers to the design of a website’s formatting and everything visual the user sees: that’s the screens, text, pictures, buttons, and everything else displayed on the site’s pages. When optimised, this should allow the user to locate what it is they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Pages should be as easy to navigate as possible.

What is User Experience (UX)?

The UX of a website incorporates the UI and visual identity and usage of a site, but also includes the whole end-to-end experience of dealing with the company in question. This may include the ease of finding them in search engine listings, loading times, the thoughts that arise as they interact with the site and the impressions made by every interaction with the company’s online presence.

Why is this important; and how can we improve our UI and UX?

It is obvious that if a business looks to deliver as positive a customer experience as possible it will reap the benefits of such: increased leads, positive ‘buzz’ and PR, customer loyalty and overall, a higher quality perception of their brand.

To improve a website’s UI and UX, a full review should be undertaken by experienced web designers who are able to advise on the optimisation of a website completely bespoke to that company, their customers, their services, their products and their aims. At Growl Creative, our specialist Web Design team able to offer just that and take the approach to work with your brand and its online presence, rather than just for it. A strategic partnership in this way allows us to become an extension of your brand and offer a service that’s second-to-none in terms of optimisation and exceeding customer expectations.

Get in touch with our team now for a non-obligation chat around your requirements and goals, and how Growl Creative can help these become a reality. We can boost your website’s traffic, conversions and visuals – and we love doing it!

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