What Are Mobile Responsive Websites And Why Are They Important?

The world has truly gone mobile, and with it has come ‘Google culture’ – no matter what your question, query or enquiry, you can look it up on a search engine and get your answer in a matter of seconds. As a result of smartphones becoming so mainstream, now over 50% of internet searches are done on a handheld mobile device; be that a phone or tablet; and there are now more mobile devices used globally than there are PCs.

Despite the leap in mobile usage, it seems the internet hasn’t yet quite caught up. The all-too-often-made assumption that websites look the same on mobile browsers as they do on a computer is incorrect, and even as smartphone screen sizes increase, the display of sites isn’t growing with them. Where a website hasn’t been made ‘mobile responsive’, the user experience is severely impacted: with inconsistent formatting, broken functionality and slow loading times. The result is devastating – users leave the site and don’t return, instead visiting others ranked highly on search results… which is often the sites of competitors.

To make matters worse, search engines like Google now have the ability to test a website remotely and automatically to check for device responsiveness, and demote those that aren’t mobile responsive down the rankings. No matter how much work your company does on SEO, the efforts can be dashed by not optimising your site.

Mobile responsive websites are those that have the ability to detect the device they’re being viewed on and adjust their formatting and functionality to fit it; delivering a seamless interface and maintaining the positive customer experience brands strive for. The good news is, most websites can be easily adapted to build in mobile responsive functionality. As with most technological upgrades, it of course costs money and takes time, but given the competitive disadvantages that not being responsive bring – can you afford not to be? Investing in mobile responsiveness is essentially an investment in your customers: keeping their experience as seamless and beneficial as you’d always want it to be.

Growl Creative are a full service agency who can adapt and work on any website to make it mobile responsive and ensure that your customers, both potential and existing, receive the fantastic experience that they deserve. Our specialist team of Web Developers are able to manage your website’s transformation from end-to-end – taking your concepts and ideas and planning, strategizing and executing them right through to full project delivery. All of our services are entirely tailored to your company to give bespoke assistance that’s designed for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all because we understand the idiosyncrasies and flaws in everything – it’s what gives your brand a unique personality.

For more information on responsive web design and how it can be benefit your business, read more on our design services or get in touch to chat about how we could help you.

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