1.7 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong…

Social Media Marketing 1.7 Billion people can’t be wrong, and that’s just Facebook. Facebook alone has over 1.7 billion registered users, with nearly half of all internet users signed up for an account, all “liking” a total of 4.5 billion things a day! and of course that’s not all.. there’s Instagram (300 Million), Twitter (288 Million), LinkedIn (347 Million), Pinterest (70 Million), and more… Where do you start? As impressive as these statistics are, they are also equally daunting for many businesses, how on earth do you market to 1.7 billion people? how do you know who to market too and who to ignore? and perhaps most importantly of all how do you not burn through your marketing spend in days with no results?

The Solution?

Although it may seem like an almost impossible task there is a way to market to social media users for a relatively small amount of capital, for each social media site there are specific ways that you can engage with only the potential customers that you want to speak to and no one else.. Using Facebook as an example, there are techniques to building a Social Media Marketing campaign that reaches out to a specific demographic, whether you’re simply selling to men over 50 who own small businesses, or something more specific like, selling to mothers aged 19-40, with pre-school children aged 3-5 years old, that live in Plymouth (There are 2,900 on Facebook just in case you’re interested!) it’s all possible, and of course the benefits of getting a targeted advert in front 2,900 people who are absolutely your potential customers speak for themselves! Like your page? send you an email? give you a call? visit your website? how about a social media campaign that links to a website landing page and sales funnel? it’s possible to get people to respond to all of these “call to actions” and more! Here at Growl Creative we know how to build a fanbase in real time, whilst advertising to a very specific demographic of social media users, we know what techniques serve little more than vanity, and perhaps most importantly of all we know how get results with any sized budget by designing measurable campaigns that deliver really impressive, instantaneous results.

Our Experience:

We know that when done well Social Media Marketing is an incredibly effective way to market to your potential customers, we also know that when done not quite so well (usually due to lack of experience) it’s very easy to burn vast amounts of capital with very little return. Social Media Marketing is a constantly evolving landscape, so to make sure we stay ahead of the game we’re always testing new and exciting techniques, as well as eliminating methods that no longer work, letting us do all of the hard work eliminates risk for you, and guarantees a return on your investment!

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing:

Increased Brand Recognition:

More potential customers will see your products and services, many will already know you and your brand when they next need your products and services, making you the first natural port of call!

Improved brand loyalty:

Find and engage with your customers through Social Media Marketing, but also maintain a relationship with them, always be at the forefront of their minds!

More Opportunities to Convert:

Building a loyal customer base on Social Media means when you want to talk about new product and services you can do it instantly, naturally and with greater chance of a sale!

Higher conversion rates: 

Speak and engage with customers in real time on Social Media, monitor when people mention you and your brand, create immediate responses to customer queries, and instantly generate more sales!

Higher Brand Authority:

Use social media to take about what you do, talk naturally and authoritatively about the things you know and potential customers will see you as an authority.. you’ll be the one they turn to when they need products and services like yours!

Increased Inbound Traffic:

Writing engaging articles and content, uploading videos, commenting and engaging with customers, all of these Social Media Marketing techniques will all help to increase your “Inbound” traffic, which you can use to drive to your website, will ultimately drive more sales for your business!

Decreased Marketing Costs:

With Social Media Marketing you can engage customers and increase inbound traffic all for FREE! or use enhanced features that that can offer you a far better ROI than traditional marketing methods from a relatively small marketing spend!

Better Search Engine Rankings:

When implemented correctly Google will organically find all of your Social Media accounts bringing them up in web searches, allowing you to instantly engage with potential customers and giving you a massive advantage over competitors.

Richer Customer Experiences:

When done well Social Media Marketing can also give your customers an Improved, richer experience, means customers develop an emotional connection with your brand, and are much more likely to become an advocate, helping you to drive engagement and sales!

Improved Customer Insights: 

learn more about your customers with detailed customer insights including who they are, their likes and dislikes, and their spending habits. All this and much more enables you to create highly effective, incredibly targeted Social Media Marketing campaigns that simultaneously decrease marketing spend whilst increasing return on investment.

Our Guarantee:

With recent Accenture reports predicting that Digital Marketing will make up 75% of all marketing budgets in the next 5 years, there really has never been a better time to start investing in Social Media Marketing, However, we know that it can sometimes feel like you’re taking a chance, so here are some of the ways that we’ll make sure that we’re both on the same page when it comes to creating Social Media Marketing campaigns for your business:

  • We always talk extensively with clients to make sure that we know your exact requirements.
  • If you’re not sure we’ll walk you through what we think will work for you and why
  • We always present you (the client) with multiple options, ranging from simple setup, right through to full blown campaign design and management, and we’ll help you choose what’s right for you.
  • We’ll give you full live access to all social media marketing campaigns at any time, so you can see what’s exactly what’s happening!

No Obligation & FREE Bonus:

For a limited amount of time we’re offering a FREE, no obligation review of your company’s existing Social Media Marketing campaigns, or if you don’t have anything up and running yet, we’ll give you a free no obligation consultation to discuss with you what areas we think you need to look at and why, as well as how we can set them up for you!

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1.7 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong…

And that’s just Facebook… Although impressive these statistics are also daunting, how do you effectively market to 1.7 billion people? In simple terms, for each Social Media channel there is a specific way to engage with your potential customers and no one else. Here at Growl Creative we know how to build a relevant fanbase and advertise to a specific demographic by designing measurable campaigns that deliver really impressive, instantaneous results. We’re always testing new, and eliminating old methods that no longer work, and can help you increase inbound traffic, brand recognition, and sales all whilst simultaneously decreasing marketing costs. Let us do the hard work for you! Click here now to contact us for FREE no obligation review, we guarantee we’ll find what’s right for you. So, what have you got to lose? visit the link above to get it touch!

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