If you build it, they won’t come…

Search Engine Optimisation

There are a lot of websites out there (over a Billion at last count!) so how do you get people to look at yours over your competitors? It’s certainly no mean feat. Many times we’ve seen people excitedly build websites for their new venture or business, only to find that when they finally launch, nothing happens… literally nothing… the phone doesn’t ring off the hook, they don’t get a barrage of emails, and unfortunately all of those dreams of becoming the next internet millionaire go out of the window, as it slowly dawns that building a website alone doesn’t guarantee that the business will come, in fact usually the opposite…

The Answer?

Search Engine Optimisation (aka: S.E.O)

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important parts of the online marketing mix, even the best website in the world is useless if no one can find it! Imagine that you run a small boutique shop hidden in the back streets of your city, you’ve got a whole ton of amazing products and services that you know that everyone will want (you’ve even successfully test marketed them to prove it) however on the day of launch you’ve found a problem.. no one has come into your shop! you forgot to tell people where you were! you should of created, maps, signs, flyers, and more to let people know how to find you!… and that, in it’s simplest form is what Search Engine Optimisation is.. a map that tells Search Engines (and people!), who and where you are!

The (Wrong) Answer!

However there is another problem, the more you delve into Search Engine Optimisation the more confusing it can become… The internet is littered with companies promising the earth, using all sort of “tricks” including “link farms” (yes this is a real thing!) Keyword stuffing, and all manor of “Black Hat” (naughty) “tricks”

“Black Hat” Examples (Bad):

  • Link Farms
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Blog Comment Spam
  • Paid Links (and Link Farms)
  • Cloaking
  • Doorway/Gateway Pages

All of these “tricks” (and more) are massively frowned upon by search engines such as Google, and although sometimes they may lead to short term gain, they will ALWAYS ultimately lead to massive failure, and maybe even Google blacklisting…

The Trick to S.E.O? (aka: Search Engine Optimisation)

The trick to S.E.O is there is no trick to S.E.O!… Don’t try and play the system!

The way to create a great website that is organically (naturally) found by search engines, is create relevant, well written, well optimised content, content that is written first and foremost with the user in mind, (not Google). In fact the best he best way to get Google to notice you is to ignore Google and just create great content!…

There is of course so much more to it than just creating great content, as good Search Engine Optimisation  is all about creating a whole online ecosystem all about you, your brand and your content (by using Social Media for example), and the more naturally it’s done the better…

Google loves good original engaging content, loves Social Media, and loves people with White Hats! (i.e. people who practice Good web marketing techniques, and don’t try to “Trick” the system)

Here at Growl Creative we’re all about “White Hat” digital marketing and we can show you how our tried and tested S.E.O techniques will help your site become organically (naturally) visible to search engines which is guaranteed to increase page visits, engagement, leads and sales!… We can’t Guarantee that we’ll make you an internet millionaire, but with our skills and knowledge we can certainly set you on your way and give you all of the tools you need!..

Our Experience:

We’ve spent a long time learning how to market on the internet, and we continually spend a lot of time optimising our own websites, contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Optimisation isn’t something that you only do once, it’s an ongoing process that evolves over time, and as a business with roots firmly all over the internet we perform S.E.O tasks on a daily basis.. we know what it takes to make S.E.O work, and how to get a website to organically (naturally) rank well on  Google.

Benefits Of Good Search Engine Optimisation:

Link Baiting:

Customers click through to your site because they’re actually interested in what you have to offer! (not because they were tricked into it!)

Properly Optimised, Quality Content:

Good quality Content written for the user means that when people land on your page they stay for while! which of course means more conversions and more sales!

Guest Blogging & Natural Commenting:

Good content and naturally written articles written by yourself or other experts in your field can can massively increase the amount of time people spend on your website, meaning you have more opportunities to sell yourself!

Internal Linking:

Making sure that all pages within your website are internally connected to each other using techniques such as “Internal Linking”, not only makes for a greater user experience it also creates a “roadmap” helping both customers and search engines alike to easily find their way around our website, meaning that ultimately people will spend more time on your website!

On-Page Site Optimisation:

Individually optimised web pages offer massive benefits for both users and website owners alike, a well optimised page will have individual page titles, good URL structure, high quality unique linkable content (content is king!), and much more, all of which will create better search engine results, better usability, and a better user experience, meaning that your potential customers are much more likely to find your website, and when they do they’re much more likely to stick around!

Local Optimisation (Geographical):

Using S.E.O to Optimise your website for local search is a great way to get free, local, targeted web traffic right on your doorstep! using Social Media like Google+ & Google Places, combined with geographically optimised text relevant to your business can show great results!

i.e. using text like:

Growl Creative is an S.E.O and Digital Marketing Agency In Plymouth, Devon in the South west of England” – www.growlcreative.com

When properly implemented this will mean that anyone specifically searching for S.E.O in Plymouth is quite likely to come across us!

On-Site Inter-Linking:

Well linked pages and content can massively aid website navigation for users, as well as defining the architecture and the hierarchy of your pages throughout the site, which ultimately allows you to show search engines what is important, and what relevant information to show your potential customers!

Audience Focus:

keeping your audience in mind when creating content for your website, means you’ll have always have high quality content that is naturally indexed by search engines like Google, meaning higher rankings on Google for your site!

Keyword Research, Placement, and Relevance:

Well researched keywords organically placed within high quality, relevant, semantic content will have a large positive impact on your website traffic!

Features Of Good Search Engine Optimisation:

(also known as: “White Hat” S.E.O)

  • Link Baiting
  • Properly Optimised, Quality Content
  • Guest Blogging & Natural Commenting
  • Internal Linking
  • On-Page Site Optimisation
  • Local Optimisation (Geographical)
  • On-Site Inter-Linking
  • Audience Focus
  • Keyword Research
  • +Many More! Contact Us To Find Out!

Our Guarantee:

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) is not a one off cost for your business, it’s an ongoing

marketing strategy that when given the time and attention that it deserves will reward you and your business endlessly, however we know that it can sometimes feel like you’re taking a chance so here are some of the ways that we make it easier for you:

  • Before any work starts we always talk extensively with clients so that we know their exact requirements and can present the best options suited to their needs.
  • We always present you (the client) with multiple options regarding S.E.O (and there are many!) and talk you through what is and what isn’t right for you and your business.
  • When it comes to S.E.O we’ll always be very transparent about what we do and why (and what we don’t do and why!) so you’ll know how to continue our good work!

No Obligation & FREE Bonus:

For a limited amount of time we’re offering a FREE, no obligation review of your existing existing websites S.E.O, we’ll give you a free no obligation consultation to discuss what areas we think you need to look at and why, and how we can set them up for you! and if you don’t have a website yet? See here for Web Design. (see below for our S.E.O offers!)

FREE: S.E.O offer

Ask us to design a new website for you (see here for Web Design) and Quote: “FREE S.E.O” and you’ll get a FREE S.E.O PACKAGE! – (Click here to contact us now!)

What have you got to lose? Click here to use our contact form to get it touch today!

If you build it, they won’t come…

With over a billion websites on the internet how do you get people to look at yours over your competitors? Simply building a website alone isn’t enough.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important parts of online marketing, as even the best website in the world is useless if no one can find it!

We don’t use any underhand techniques, we just create audience focused, relevant, well written, well optimised content that is written first and foremost with the user in mind (not Google). When combined with other tried and tested techniques our Search Engine Optimisation will help your website to become organically visible to search engines which will in turn increase page visits, engagement, leads and sales!

We know what it takes to make Search Engine Optimisation (aka: S.E.O) work and ultimately how to get a website to rank well on Google. So click here to get in touch today to request a FREE no obligation review of your website’s effectiveness!

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