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A detailed and complex E-Commerce, Mobile Responsive, “Https” (Green Padlock) Secure, website that connects to the Facebook & Instagram Product Catalog’s, as well as a live Facebook “Store” (for Social Media “PPC” Marketing purposes) and also connects to the Stripe Payment Gateway for payment, and then ultimately Amazon’s own API backend (Amazon – FBA) for order fulfilment… In short a FULLY automated, E-Commerce store that operates completely “hands off” from end to end, order to fulfilment. This store also features our custom content management system that makes it easy to update your own website in less than 60 seconds.

We first contacted Growl when we first started our brand, and they’ve helped us with all of our branding and marketing from day one! Now fast forward a few years, and we sell our products in 7x different countries all over the world and we really needed a sophisticated “hands off” E-Commerce solution that would seamlessly integrate with our existing marketing, sales and fulfilment channels. Again we asked Growl to help us with this, and Wow! did they deliver! They helped us not only to build an awesome E-Commerce store, but they also designed new marketing and sales funnels, that link all the way to automated fulfilment! The automated E-Commerce systems that they’ve designed and built for us handle everything from order and payment processing to fulfilment! The system works so well that the only thing we have to do when an order comes in is smile in the knowledge that the system will automatically have the order in the customers hands the next day! A truly amazing system build by some incredibly knowledgeable people! we can thank you enough, and we highly recommend them!

Elliot Williams

Marketing Director, True Vision Intl Ltd

True Vision Growl Creative

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True Vision Growl Creative

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