Curators of some of the UK’s finest artisan food brands, Artisans Of Food & Drink use their influence to showcase the finest food and drink crafted by the UK’s most passionate artists. Artisans Of Food & Drink first approached Growl Creative to help design and setup their online digital marketing, in particular their paid Facebook & Instagram marketing Campaigns. As a business that needs to advertise B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) simultaneously.

Artisans Of Food & Drink needed Growl Creative to design an implement marketing campaigns for Facebook & Instagram that would target the Artisan food brands themselves, as well as the end user consumers. Growl Creative designed 2x completely separate marketing campaigns that would run simultaneously, whilst targeting the two distinctly different target audiences. Using our knowledge of specific demographic targeting Growl Creative created two highly successful digital marketing campaigns for both Facebook & Instagram.

We were incredibly overwhelmed, and a bit lost when it came to setting up Facebook business pages and Facebook Ads campaigns, but Growl Creative were a great help! they Helped us to set up all of our business pages and profiles on Facebook & Instagram, and they know the Facebook Paid Advertising systems inside out! The finished campaigns that Growl Creative created for us are incredibly clever, particularly in the way that they can pinpoint exact audience segments, and demographics meaning that our ads are only served when we want them to be served, and only served to exactly who we want them to be served to! So we really know that we’re getting the best results for our money!

Richard Hale

Director, Artisans Of Food & Drink

Artisans Of Food And Drink Growl Creative

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Facebook Ad’s Desktop, And Mobile Feed Adverts For “Artisans Of Food And Drink” Click the image above to see more, or More info: Facebook Ad’s Campaign Setup

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