How Do You Build & Growl a Brand?

Brand Management: Branding is just the first step… you’ve spent countless hours with your designer creating a brand image that you are truly proud of, but now what? how do you make sure that your brand consistently creates maximum impact across all mediums? how do you actually GROW your brand and keep it consistent? The Solution?: Maintaining a consistent brand image is not easy, it’s a problem that many companies face, and many get wrong, simply because they don’t know how to manage the small details effectively.. When a brand is managed well it presents an undeniable consistency that shows your Brand to it’s full potential, by using brand assets, such as logos, colours, fonts, text style, and branding in unified and consistent ways. At Growl Creative we know how to use Brand Management to unify all parts of the brand to develop an overall strategy regarding ethos, tone of voice and target market, whilst also referencing the more intangible elements such as consumer relationships and “goodwill”.

Our Experience:

We’ve spent many years managing brands (including many of our own) and know what it takes to take a manage a brand across multiple platforms and even countries, but don’t just take our word for it, with nearly 20 years experience working in the creative industries we know what it takes, and so do our customers… (click here to find out more about us)

On Growl Creative’s Work:

“We’re constantly amazed by the quality of work from James and the team at Growl Creative, their attention to detail and depth of knowledge regarding designing anything from logos and branding, to screen printing to woven labels is amazing. we couldn’t have done it without them!” “We’ve worked with other companies in the past regarding product branding as a part of our overall brand development, but Growl are really the first guys to really nail the whole package and we love our new branding too!” “Growl Creative really helped us to see the potential in our brand and took our creative branding and marketing literature to the next level”

Benefits Of Brand Management:

Influence Choice:

A Strong recognisable brand that appeals to target customers will enable them to make a quicker, more informed decision. When customers are looking for a clear differentiator, they will instinctively select a stronger Brand over other weaker alternatives.

Brand Loyalty and Advocacy:

Good brands have an almost intangible “goodwill” connection with their customers, and when done right Brand Management will help to create a following of loyal customers with an emotional bond to your brand that will always listen to what you have to say.

Command a Premium:

Good brands cost more because they’re better right? Wrong. In some cases more expensive products and services may be slightly better than cheaper alternatives, but in reality a lot of the time the only difference is good Graphic Design, good brand positioning, and good Brand Management Potential customers are willing to pay a higher price for a perceived “better” brand, and with good Brand Management you can become the “Better” brand, enabling you to command higher prices.

Strong Differentiator:

It can sometimes be difficult to find a point of difference between you and your competitors, particularly if you and your competitors are offering almost identical products and services. Can there really be that much difference between a supermarket’s own brand “Wheat Biscuits” and the market leader “Weetabix”? Well, we can’t answer that, but what we can tell you is that with a £69million pre-tax profit last year, rightly or wrongly Weetabix’s customers clearly think there’s a difference that’s worth paying for, that in a nutshell is Brand Management at it’s best.

Platform For Growth:

A correctly managed Brand is a strong brand, and a strong brand is a great platform for growth! When it comes to launching a new product or service a recognition of what your business stands for, and indeed your entire company ethos will be easily transferable and instantly recognisable by your customers, giving each new product or service a springboard platform to launch from.

Kill Brand Creep:

Brand Creep is an unfortunate phenomenon that evolves from a clear lack of direction regarding how the principles of the brand should be upheld. If your business doesn’t have any guidelines relating to logos, fonts, imagery, tone of voice and more you’ll almost certainly find that somewhere down the line someone will deem it necessary, “adjust” your logo, change your colours, or use a “better” font, the result of which will be a rather confusing body of communications and marketing literature that lack any consistency, and in many cases may not even represent your company at all. All of this can be avoided by using the many tools of Brand Management, such as style guides and brand guidelines, all of which will help to keep your brand image consistent, recognisable, and perhaps most importantly of all profitable!

What Kind Of Brand Management Do We Do?

When it comes to Brand Management clearly we know our stuff, below are just a few of the ways that we can help you with your brand development and management:

  • Logo Design (for use across multiple applications)(also see: Graphic Design)
  • Digital Marketing (also see: Digital Marketing)
  • Campaign Management
  • Brand Guideline Books
  • Style Guidelines
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Social Media Guidelines (including workflow triage)((also see: Social Media Marketing)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vision Statements
  • Mission Statements
  • Brand Essence
  • Value Propositions

Our Guarantee:

Good Brand Management is an essential and often confusing area for many clients, so here are some of the ways that we make it easier for you:

  • Before any work starts we always talk extensively with clients to discuss the options available that we can use to help you to grow and manage your brand.
  • We don’t just talk, we listen to your needs and make recommendations.
  • We always present you (the client) with multiple options so that you can choose what’s right for you.

No Obligation:

For a limited amount of time we’re offering a FREE, no obligation review of your company’s Branding and Brand Management. We’ll discuss with you what areas we think you need to look at and why.. What have you got to lose? Use the form on our contact page to get it touch today!

How Do You Build & Growl a Brand?

When a brand is managed well it presents an undeniable consistency that shows your brand to its full potential. We use Brand Management to unify all assets of a brand, and to help develop an overall strategy regarding things such as “ethos” and “tone of voice” as well as some of the more intangible elements such as “goodwill”. We’ve spent many years managing brands (including many of our own) and know what it takes to manage a brand across multiple markets and platforms. We know how to create brand loyalty and advocacy, and can show you how a correctly managed brand with strong differentiators can command a premium price no matter what product or service you provide. Good Brand Management is an essential part of the growth of any business, which is why we’re offering a FREE, no obligation review to discuss how we can help you grow and manage your brand. To book a FREE, no obligation review of your brand today, click this link to get in touch!

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